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Whether you’re hiring for an urgent project or filling a short-term position, our temporary staffing solution is the easiest and most efficient way to find employees your company can count on. When it comes time to hire one or multiple people to fill an on-demand need, you don’t want to hire just anyone. You need fully screened and qualified workers who can be counted on no matter how long you need them. Temporary staffing fulfills your need for a short duration and quick-turn employees with ease.

How temporary staffing works

Temporary staffing is what companies of all sizes turn to when they have a short-term workforce need. The temporary staff is provided by a third party staffing agency that recruits and employs the “temps” who perform work for the end-user company.

Though your HR department can post a job online, you’re bound to get dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes you then have to filter through. With limited time to find great temporary employees who can begin working quickly, many HR managers don’t have the bandwidth to search, interview, and secure short-term employees – not to mention the paperwork and effort that comes with hiring employees directly. What you need is a temporary staffing solution, and that’s where our team comes into play. Our professional recruiters can deliver a high volume of the employees you need to fill your front line staff-level hiring needs. 

Advantages of working with D&R Man Power

Quickly hire the staff you need

Temporary work often requires employees to start working as soon as possible, and no one is better able to assist you in finding quality temp employees than 4 Corner Resources. We’re able to efficiently produce temporary workers who can start immediately, so you won’t have to spend days and weeks searching for temporary help who may not end up working out.

It’s a cost effective solution

Using a staffing agency like 4 Corner Resources is extremely cost effective. Hiring on-demand allows you to avoid the unnecessary payroll costs that come from being overstaffed. Not only does it allow your team to focus on more important matters, but we work on a contingency basis so you’ll only be charged for the hours worked by the candidates you hire

Efficiently solve workforce challenges

Our team of recruiters is always on standby to fill urgent or unexpected staffing needs. Our proprietary recruiting process is designed to produce temporary staff quickly without sacrificing quality and thoroughness.

Save time and effort for your HR team

Sourcing, screening, and interviewing employees is a time intensive task, and that’s before the cumbersome onboarding paperwork kicks in. Hiring a temporary employee gives you that time back, since we handle all of it for you.

Hiring temporary staff through D&R MAN POWER is easy

Let us lift the staffing burden off of your shoulders! We secure temporary employees for companies throughout the United States, for a practically limitless variety of short term needs. Whether you’re looking for a single employee or a large temporary team, our recruiters are here to help.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help turn your temporary staffing need into a team of successful hires.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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