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When you have a project-based or urgent staffing need that must be filled with an experienced professional who can hit the ground running, our contract staffing service offering is the ideal solution. Our professional staffing team exists to deliver the right consultants and contractors on demand – whenever and wherever – to meet your business from you – contact us any time!

How contract staffing works

Contract staffing is used when a company has a need to hire one or more employees to perform a specific task for a limited period of time. The company engages a staffing agency to recruit contract employees to perform the work. During this period of contract employment, the company directs and manages the work activities, while the staffing agency serves as the employer. The staffing agency is responsible for payroll taxes, benefits, and other obligations that exist as an employer. In most cases, the staffing agency pays the contract employee and bills the company (their client) using an hourly rate.

The contract employee often fills a specialized role that won’t be needed indefinitely but is highly necessary at the time. Our staffing recruiters are equipped with the experience, network, and tools to source and secure the best consultants across the country to fill even the most niche roles in a wide variety of industries. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, which is why is our proprietary recruiting process is centered around thoroughness and consistency.

The advantages of working with D&R Man Power

Efficiently hire experienced employees

Hiring a contractor means hiring someone who will hit the ground running.D&R Man Power exists to quickly and consistently deliver the professional staff who has the credentials and abilities to meet your critical objectives.

Lighten your HR department’s workload

Sourcing, screening, and selecting a new employee takes a lot of time and effort, and that’s before the cumbersome onboarding paperwork kicks in. When hiring a contract employee, the team at 4CR takes care of it all.

Make fewer hiring mistakes

There’s no amount of screening and interviewing that can ensure every hire will turn out to be perfect. If the working relationship with our contractor isn’t what you need it to be, you aren’t obligated to hire them directly. While our proprietary recruiting process produces a consistently high retention rate, our contract-to-hire option provides an extra layer to ensure a successful long-term outcome.

It’s a cost effective hiring option

With contract-to-hire, you don’t pay upfront for expensive payroll costs associated with perks and benefits provided to a direct hire, as we handle all of that for you. You also benefit from paying as you go for each hour worked, which is often more attractive than a lump sum fee associated with direct hire agreements. Our contract-to-hire solution can be customized to meet your particular budgetary objectives

Contact us to discuss your direct hire recruiting needs

When you run into a hiring challenge that requires expert assistance, our team will be ready. We’re so confident in our ability to find employees that you’ll love, that we’re willing to work on contingency for direct hire openings. Contact us for a discussion about your open positions so we can get started on finding your perfect match!

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional recruiting firm, we look forward to hearing from you to discover how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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