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If you have a critical opening, a large number of open positions that you need to fill quickly, or your company has limited internal recruiting expertise, our direct hire recruiting option is a perfect fit. Acting as an extension of your HR department, our experienced professional recruiting team is prepared to find and deliver the right employees for your company.

How direct hire recruiting works

Direct hire recruiting takes place when a third party recruiting firm provides candidates for an end-user employer to interview, hire, and onboard directly to their payroll. The recruiting firm operates on contingency, which means no fee is paid until a successful hire has been made. Direct hire recruiting is great for first line management roles, critical or senior staff, volume-based hiring, and unexpected spikes in demand.


When it comes time to fill management and important staff positions, time is almost always of the essence. Your HR department can post a job online, but they'll have to sort through countless resumes, phone screens, and in-person interviews to find the perfect matches. When volume is high or the business needs are pressing, there may not be time to dedicate your HR managers to this effort. With direct hire recruiting, we leverage our proprietary system and professional recruiters to source and screen potential candidates for you.


This is what we do – every day, every day. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, database, and staff, we will present you with fully qualified candidates to interview. This saves your HR department precious time as we act as an extension of your business, and you won't see an invoice until our candidates have been interviewed, hired, and onboarded.

The advantages of working with D&R Man Power

We shorten the hiring process

When recruiting internally, it can take months to find, interview, select, and onboard mid-management and important staff positions. These jobs are often critical to your mission. By working with D&R MAN POWER, hiring managers can focus on interviewing only the most candidates. It speeds up the process because companies no longer have to wait for the perfect fit to apply.

It’s cost effective

Working with D&R MAN POWER is inherently cost effective because we charge on contingency rather than retainer. You’ll only have to pay for the employees you end up hiring. There’s no risk when working with our experienced staffing agency! In short, there’s no financial commitment or obligation on your part until our team produces the employee(s) you need.

We have experience with your industry

Our professional recruiters and account managers have successfully worked across nearly every industry, so we know how and where to source the best passive and active candidates for your particular need. Our team has the tools, network, and experience to do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to.

We operate on your behalf

Our direct hire recruiting solution is the perfect fit for small to medium sized companies who don’t have dedicated internal recruiters. We take the time to understand your core values, culture, benefits, and business goals, which means we’re able to represent your organization as if we were part of your internal staff.

Contact us to discuss your direct hire recruiting needs

When you run into a hiring challenge that requires expert assistance, our team will be ready. We’re so confident in our ability to find employees that you’ll love, that we’re willing to work on contingency for direct hire openings. Contact us for a discussion about your open positions so we can get started on finding your perfect match!

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional recruiting firm, we look forward to hearing from you to discover how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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