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Whether it’s the most wonderful time of the year or summer is rapidly approaching, seasonal hiring is a common solution for many industries. Without a large internal recruiting team in place, it can be extremely challenging to find seasonal staff, but when working with our professional recruiters your company can count on having the best available employees when and where you need them at any time throughout the year.

What is seasonal hiring?

Seasonal hiring is when a company will bring on additional or new employees at a specific time of the year, or seasonally, to deal with an increase in demand. This could mean business needs related to a specific holiday, to accommodate weather patterns, or a limitless variety of industry-specific events for organizations who see a demand during certain months.

Seasonal hiring can put a lot of stress on your HR department when looking to fill these positions. When using our services, we will partner with your team to do the heavy lifting; easing the burden from the extra workload. Our recruiters will source seasonal employees, pre-screen them, and ultimately deliver qualified candidates who are excited to get to work. We offer this service based on contingency, which means you’ll only pay for the employees who you end up hiring.

Benefits of our seasonal staffing solution

Reduces time-to-hire

We know that you don’t have a lot of bandwidth to spare when it comes to hiring seasonal workers, and we also know that time is very much of the essence. Our massive database of ready and qualified job seekers combined with a process built for speed and efficiency, means we’ll deliver on time, every time.

Helps supply meet demand

Business needs and seasons come and go, so you may not have a constant need for the employees you’re hiring. One benefit of our seasonal hiring solution is it helps you to manage demand. Hire employees only when you need them, and avoid carrying unnecessary headcount when you don’t.

Cost effective

Due to employees being seasonal, you won’t have to pay additional fees, like worker’s comp, vacation, and other regular employee benefits. Using our staffing service saves you time and money as you’ll only be charged for the hours we put in for the employees you end up hiring.

The right skillset at the right time

Seasonal contract employees can provide specialized skills and experience your full-time staff doesn’t have. This allows you to obtain these niche skills without spending the time and money to train the employees. Even better, you can rely on us to get these resources quickly when you need them.

We’ll deliver seasonal staff when and where you need them

We’ll source, pre-screen, and help your company hire experienced and dedicated seasonal staff to help ensure your business keeps up with temporary demands. Our top-rated staffing agency finds seasonal workers across the country every year, and our recruiters are ready to do the same for your team.

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional staffing agency, we would love to hear from you and learn more about how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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